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02, Sep, 19 2min Lesedauer

Miadana Versprechen

Fair trade jewelry. High quality. Humanitarian. Sparklingly beautiful.

What constitutes beauty and elegance? For you, values such as sustainability, responsibility and conscious consumption count. You have long recognized that these humanitarian values do not contradict beauty, elegance and style. Du weißt, dass du einen großen Beitrag leisten kannst, wenn du deinen Kaffee aus fairem Anbau beziehst, deine Lebensmittel regional einkaufst, deine Kleidung ein Fairtrade Label tragen und deine Kosmetik aus Faitrade-Rohstoffen besteht.

Have you ever thought about where your jewelry and its components come from? It's time that the jewelry industry follows suit and makes a step towards social responsibility and sustainability!

MIADANA stands for gemstones from responsible origins. That''s why we are committed to fair working conditions and strengthening the local economy in Madagascar.

MIADANA transports awareness about the origin of raw materials through the production of fair products to Germany

Social justice. More responsibility. Fare gemstone jewelry. Strengthening economic structures in village communities. And the whole thing without middlemen.

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