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Work out of passion and responsibility
About us
Alin Uhlitz und Trian Rakotozandrindrainy

Alina Uhlitz, certified gemstone appraiser (DgemG), and Trina Rakotozandrindrainy, Madagascan gemstone prospector for almost 20 years, have the claim to offer you traceable supply chains and transparency in addition to the unique quality of their gemstones.

The prospectors:inside work independently and on their own responsibility. No Western system is imposed on them, since Trina, as a local and former prospector himself, knows small-scale mining like the back of his hand. Only through sustainable relationships and conscientious mining of the gemstones, in which the environment is only imperceptibly burdened, we can make our contribution to the transformation of the jewelry industry.

Our mission

MIADANA is Malagasy and loosely translated means "to be in harmony with oneself". 

Mann auf Wiese

Our company name is synonymous with the conviction to create with precious stones from fair and responsible sources not only beauty and aesthetics in the smallest space, but also the awareness of the origin and extraction of our gemstones. In this way, we want to contribute to more sustainability in the jewelry industry.

Männer schauen sich Edelsteine an

Because we are convinced that only through fair wages, ethically justifiable working conditions and environmentally friendly mining, more sustainability can be brought into the production of jewelry. 

Let yourself be convinced by the incomparable beauty of our products from fair responsible source and also be "in harmony with yourself".