Unbehandelte Edelsteine

Untreated gemstones

19, Feb, 19 3min Lesedauer

Miadana Edelsteine

Untreated gemstones - the magic of nature.

Treatments are often difficult to expose.

The vast majority of gemstones in the trade, especially sapphires, rubies and emeralds are treated or heated to artificially enhance their color and minimize inclusions. Dadurch erhalten sie eine kräftigere Farbe, verlieren aber extrem an Wert.

But how do I know if a gemstone is treated or natural?


In online stores, gemstones are always described by their carat weight, color, cut and clarity. However, there is often no info about the treatment or naturalness of the offered stones. If a gemstone or a piece of jewelry is explicitly offered with a natural, i.e. untreated stone, this is a good sign for a trustworthy seller. If there is no information in this regard, i.e. if there is no statement at all in this regard, it can be strongly assumed that the stone has been treated. At the latest when purchasing the jewelry or gemstone, one should ask for a certificate. Because here must dealers declare the heating.

Of course, there is nothing against purchasing a treated gemstone. Especially because partially dark and very inclusion-rich material would otherwise be "waste". But there is also something in favor of inclusions: they tell stories, are indications of where the gemstone has grown and what it has experienced over the past 800 million years. What a shame it would be to burn this magic?

Since the gemstones at MIADANA come directly from small-scale mining the vast majority are completely natural, unheated and without human intervention. Only very inclusion-rich or extremely dark material can be "saved" by heating and thus become worth grinding. However, we always indicate this.

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