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01, Mar, 20 1min Lesedauer

Miadana VersprechenTeam Miadana

Even since 2001, we have both been independently active and committed to greater social justice. We are delighted that since 2018 we have now been able to implement our vision of building economic and social structures by leveraging existing capabilities in the most diverse country for colored gemstones in the world.

Our commitment is very close to our hearts. That's why we're on the ground regularly - at least three to four times a year - supporting the village communities directly connected to the mines where we can.

Near Vatomandry in the east of the island, we also support the local elementary school by delivering exercise books, books and pencils from the capital so they reach even the most remote areas. The village elder - Dadanaivo - who has been prospecting himself for 40 years can now employ staff himself thanks to the above-average percentage of the finds. In February 2020, additional donations made possible the long overdue eye surgery for his wife, who was on the verge of blindness.

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