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18, Aug, 19 2min Lesedauer

Team Miadana


  • MIADANA stands for gemstones from responsible sources. My husband and I are committed to fair working conditions and strengthening the local economy in Madagascar.
  • Miadana transports awareness of the origin of raw materials to Germany through the manufacture of fair products.
  • Miadana stands for ethically mined gemstones from Madagascar and a transparent supply chain for responsible jewelry lovers.
  • Miadana steht für ethisch korrekt geschürfte Edelsteine aus Madagaskar und eine transparente Lieferkette für Schmuckliebhaber mit Verantwortungsbewusstsein.

My husband is himself Madagascan and had to watch in the last 20 years as his own fellow citizens live in the richest variety gem country in the world, but get nothing from the big cake.

That's why MIADANA is strengthening the local economy in the village communities and employing people in small-scale mining. The gemstones are cut locally and reach Germany directly without middlemen.

You are looking for calibrated stones and a large number of pieces for as little money as possible? Then you are unfortunately wrong with us.

You value a transparent supply chain, socially just origins and unique gemstones that support local economic structures? Then get an overview of our gemstones in the online store (http://shop.miadana.de) or more info on inventory by direct message to info[at]miadana.de. Or call us and we'll discuss directly how we can accommodate your desired stones.

It all started with a ruby project near Vatomandry in the east of the island. And we are very proud to say that at MIADANA we support the local economy and our product from rough stone to finished cut gemstone only goes through Malagasy hands. In addition, the majority of gemstones are 100% natural, meaning they are completely untreated.

Miadana stands for more responsibility and more social justice in the form of fair gemstones in Germany.

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