Unsere Signature-Kollektion

Our Signature Collection

06, Jan, 20 1min Lesedauer

Miadana Edelsteine

Our signature collection

Unlike conventional jewelry, you can wear MIADANA's jewelry with a good feeling. Beauty, elegance and style are in no way at odds with sustainability and conscious consumption.

Our gemstones come from responsible sources. In the case of our first jewelry collection, from a mine in southern Madagascar, where MIADANA employees are provided with a safe workplace. My husband and I are regularly on site to discuss the work of prospecting with the staff.


The focus of attention in our first collection is the pink sapphire, which sometimes shimmers pink and sometimes purple, depending on the light. All of our gemstones are untreated and are cut on site in Madagascar by local workers and crafted into high-quality jewelry by goldsmiths.

The gold we use is also sourced from Madagascar and comes from socially just sources. There are no middlemen.

Our signature collection will soon be available in our new online store. Quantities are limited.







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