• Transparent supply chains

    for our partners

  • Responsible

    Origin of the gems

  • Ethically Properly Procured

    Gemstones from Madagascar

blaue Edelsteine

Convince yourself

Our company name is synonymous with the conviction to create with precious stones from fair and responsible sources not only beauty and aesthetics in the smallest space, but also the awareness of the origin and extraction of our gemstones. In this way, we want to contribute to more sustainability in the jewelry industry.

Because we are convinced that only through fair pay, ethically justifiable working conditions and environmentally friendly mining, more sustainability can be brought to the production of jewelry. 

"At MIADANA, my husband Trina - as an experienced gem prospector - and I - as a gemologist - are the direct interface between the mine and your jewelry business. We have both a location in Antananarivo, Madagascar, and one in beautiful North Rhine-Westphalia, where I myself grew up. Let us convince you as a partner that 'fair' just sparkles a little more." - Alina Uhlitz, owner MIADANA

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