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Sapphire, blue, oval (0,67 ct)

Sapphire, blue, oval (0,67 ct)

Stone type: SapphireColor: blueStone shape: ovalCarat: 0,67 ct Size WxHxT: 6,6 x 4,4 x 2,4 mm Clarity: Very little inclusions, no heatStone origin: Ankadirano This blue sapphire from Ankadirano has... read more

Stone Type: Sapphire
Cut: Baguette
Carat: 0.43
Size in mm 5,2x3,5
Origin: Ilakaka, Madagascar
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Stone type: Sapphire
Color: blue
Stone shape: oval
Carat: 0,67 ct
Size WxHxT: 6,6 x 4,4 x 2,4 mm
Clarity: Very little inclusions, no heat
Stone origin: Ankadirano

This blue sapphire from Ankadirano has the color zoning typical of Madagascar, which gives the stone its very own character. The brilliance is hardly diminished and it has a beautiful clear blue.

Sapphires belong to the kurund family, making them the second hardest element after diamonds. Beautiful, clear and pure sapphires are relatively rare because they grow in nature under stressful conditions. Therefore, it is quite normal to see a slight inclusion pattern. Inclusions only reduce the quality if they alter the transparency of the stone or are right in the center. Eye clean sapphires are a real rarity and therefore very valuable.

Today, many sapphires are heated to improve their clarity and color. In the trade, such an intervention must normally be made known to the consumer - the majority of gemstone dealers, however, either conceal this completely or until shortly before the completion of the purchase.

Since the gemstones at MIADANA come directly from small-scale mining, the vast majority are completely natural, unheated and without human intervention. Only very inclusion-rich or extremely dark material can be "saved" by heating and thus become worthy of cutting. However, we always indicate this.

At MIADANA, we are committed to responsible small-scale mining, social justice in mining communities with a partnership of equals. Interested in our philosophy? Read more here:

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